If you’ve seen one of these cards around town, you may have wondered: who is this mysterious belly magician, and what are those classes all about?

My name is S’ya (pronounced cee-ya), and I am a long-time belly dancer, enthusiastic yogi (YTT 200) & dedicated Qi Gong practitioner, and an avid meditator. 

I offer unique and intimate classes & workshops in the interest of uplifting, empowering and possibly healing other women through the transformative power of belly dance movements – by incorporating a healthy dose of playfulness, mindfulness, relaxation, self-love and body acceptance into the experience 😉

Curious to know more?  Read on!

This ancestral dance form has been a source of delight and deep personal healing for me for well over a decade. It is a joy and an honour to be able to share this magic with others, and I have witnessed such an incredible blossoming and transformation in so many women as soon as they were exposed to it…

Belly dance movements can help you connect with your body in an intuitive, organic and quintessentially feminine way that begins to shift your relationship with it to one of love & appreciation, and reawaken your sensuality.

I offer nourishing, grounding practices and earthy, flowing, juicy & joyful belly dance movements set to inspiring music to help you rediscover and own your body’s unique power and beauty.

So whether you are looking to reconnect with your body, be moved by inspiring music or just get out of your head and let those hips loose, this is the place to do it!

I am looking forward to meeting you in person 🙂

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