Love Letters!

“It’s a different kind of class that isn’t out there so much – you know, there are meditation classes, yoga classes, dance classes, mindfulness classes… but you manage to mix them all together into one lovely, candlelit evening!”
– Christie M.

“I left your class with such a warm and grateful sense of peace. It felt relaxed and like we could ask questions, and even laugh and enjoy ourselves!
I think you led us right where we all needed to be tonight.”
– P. M.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for last night’s class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went home relaxed and actually enjoyed baking the cookies that were needed for the next day, as opposed to being stressed by it!”
– PJ

“An evening of dance and movement with S’ya is both relaxing and energizing. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with your body and yourself and at the same time connect with the world around you.
Thank you, S’ya! Your classes are truly magic!”
– Sarah E.

“Thank you for such a successful session and for the invaluable resource your programming provides for women.
All the women were very receptive and motivated, and I was truly energized by how well your facilitation and knowledge melded with our own experiences.”
– A.M., Women’s Support Counsellor

“S’ya presented at a Women’s Wellness Circle I host and she was amazing.
None of us had ever belly danced before but she created a very warm, welcoming and safe space for us to explore these new movements.
It was also incredibly informative to learn the roots of belly dancing, which added to the amazing energy and bonding between all of the women present.”
– Shayne Henderson, Women’s Wellness Circle – West TO

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