Keeping things cool and flowing!

I hope you’re all making the most of those beautiful balmy evenings and inspiring starry nights!

This month:

I will be performing and teaching an evening class on July 27th & 28th in Stratford, ON – right on York St, in front of the magical, treasure-filled clothing and jewellery store that is Kinna Sohna… drop by for a chat and shimmy if you’re in the area 😉

I will also be teaching at a private retreat in early August, before taking a break for summer 🙂

Regular classes will resume in September… BUT in the meantime, if you’d like to book a private/semi-private/group class on a weeknight this month – either at the treehouse or in your own indoor/outdoor space – you can get in touch with me either here or by messaging my FB page!

Looking forward to moving with all of you again soon!

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